Course curriculum

  • 1

    Identity an Overview

    • Identity an Overview

  • 2

    What is an Individual's Identity

    • Identity - What it is

  • 3

    Digital Identities, a few global examples

    • Digital Identity

    • Aadhaar, India's Digital Identity programme

    • A few use cases of Aadhaar

    • e-Estonia - Digital Identity and Use Cases

  • 4

    Blockchain Based Identity

    • Blockchain Based Identity

  • 5

    Biometric Based Digital Identity

    • Definition and Types of Biometric

    • Choosing the best biometric option

    • Types of Biometrics

    • Behavioural Biometric a Live Example

    • Technology Behind Biometric Capture

    • Biometric Capture Process and Visuals

    • Biometric Registration, Verification and Matching Process

    • Performance Indicators and Impact of Biometric based system

  • 6

    Future of Identity - Human beings and Machines

    • Future of Identity - Human beings and Machines

  • 7

    Grievance Redressal in Digital Identity

    • Grievance Redressal in Digital Identity

  • 8


    • Quiz

About the course

Identity is the base of any individual to claim the government and private sector benefits. We got it easily so we take that for granted, think of those who do not have a formal identity. They struggle day in and out to prove who they are to get different basic needs. It's tough for them to open a Bank account, get a mobile SIM, get any financial services, can't buy properties etc. For these people the cost of getting an identity is also too high, they need to do and spend a lot to get identity proof. 

Digital identity also reduces the cost of acquisition for an institution and hence serve their customer profitably at a low cost.  Further, an identity issued by any formal institution is important to establish citizenship, ownership of property and many more. 

In this business-oriented overview course, we will talk about UIDAI, Aadhaar which is the world's biggest digital identity programme, e-Estonia, Blockchain-based identity (just an overview), future of identity, grievance redressal in digital identity. We will further add the Bank ID programme and new happenings in Digital Identity. 

See you there and, Happy Learning.


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